25 08, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 10


Dear Players, Parents and Supporters, And so the season marches on. It started with the threats of drought and bushfires, then morphed into this horrible coronavirus, and if we hadn’t had our enthusiasm tested enough it hit us on the weekend with some horrific winds and freezing temperatures. It has certainly tested everybody’s enthusiasm, patience and spirit. However, having said that, I am incredibly pleased to see how well all our teams are performing. Our Youth teams are having their best year ever. By my calculation across the 4 teams [...]

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7 08, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 9


Dear All, This edition of Magpie Mail needs to be solely related to the COVID-19 concerns of this weekend. The concerns are that important. Youth play at Cooks Square Saturday against Mid North Coast Seniors play at Darling St Oval on Saturday against Olympic Youth. I congratulate the foresight shown by Dan Barge and Youth coaching staff at this start of this week. They identified that we were due for a very wet weekend and made early arrangements to get the games moved from Sunday to Saturday, in the hope [...]

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1 08, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 8


Dear All, As we get deeper into the year and the season, the obstacles and challenges continue to confront us. The recent wet weather, postponement of games and impacts on training schedules are all impediments that add to the concerns we already struggle with in daily COVID-19 related life. I assure you though, that from a Maitland Football point of view, the club’s Executive and Management Committee are absolutely dedicated to the task of providing the opportunity for competitive football for the Youth in our charge. We don’t always get [...]

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24 07, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 7


24th July 2020 Welcome back to the next edition of the Magpie Mail. Apologies for missing an edition last week, it wasn’t through lack of content, more because of lack of time. The restart of the competition, in its restricted form and conditions, is proving in these early stages to be very time consuming for all involved in the club. COVID-19 Concerns It seems that at least every second conversation nowadays is about COVID-19. Certainly, every news item is about the subject. Unfortunately, it is a part of our lives [...]

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10 07, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 6


Well we are just about out of sleeps now, before we are back on the field and get this NPL competition underway. I must take the opportunity of the last communication before restart, to ask you all to be appreciative of the work that has been done to get us to this point. It would be easy to think that the last 4 months have been spent with our feet up, but that is far from the case. Club management have battled and almost waged war, at every level, in [...]

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26 06, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 5


Dear All, getting very close now to the point of getting back into full competition. That first weekend back, we are away for both Youth and Senior groups – Youth at Weston on Saturday 11th and Senior with the big Grand Final rematch against Edgeworth on the Sunday. Before that starts though, we have our SAP squads kicking off their games on the weekend of 4th July, and a NPL Preseason trial on Saturday for Youth and Sunday for Seniors all games a visiting Adamstown club. “What’s the Latest in [...]

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13 06, 2020

Magpie Mail – Edition 4


This week we took several big steps towards what many of you have been training continuously for since September last year – the restart of NPL competition. It has been a long and extremely frustrating 4 or 5 months. Competitive sport is a wonderful outlet for everyone, and for that reason it is so important that these activities are allowed to resume. However, it is important to remember that the events of the last 5 months have had some terrible consequences for many people all around the world. It allows [...]

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6 06, 2020

Magpies Mail – Edition 3


Another week has passed in our lead up to a return to NPL competition – at least for Youth and SAP, as Senior competition is still subject to Government approval. “What’s the Latest in regard to 2020 Season Start” It has been (approx.) 81 sleeps, since the competition was stopped due to the virus, and now, all going well, we are just 28 sleeps from resumption. We are back at training, during this last week, and as each week passes, the pace, impact and familiarity of the new conditions will [...]

Magpies Mail – Edition 32020-07-13T12:07:47+10:00
30 05, 2020

Magpies Mail – Edition 2


Welcome back to ‘Magpie Mail’ – an extremely busy football week, with plenty of information to communicate to our players and parents. Firstly you will notice that after only one edition we have had a name change. From “Maitland News” to “Maitland Mail” – a special request from Dan Barge, for which I’m happy to oblige. What’s the Latest on 2020 Season Start Lots of detail has been resolved this week, thanks to communication from NNSWF and Maitland Council. Many thanks go to Paul Osland and Mick Mirisch for the [...]

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24 05, 2020

Mapies Mail – Edition 1


Welcome to all players, parents, volunteers, supporters and all those with an interest in the Maitland Football Club. I write this newsletter to provide as much up to date and reliable information that is available to us, regarding the 2020 season and beyond. The intention is for this to be a weekly publication, and given the two basic requirements of 1. worthwhile content and 2. time restraints, we shall endeavour to provide on a regular basis. “What’s the Latest in Regard to 2020 Season Start” This is obviously the [...]

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