Dear All, getting very close now to the point of getting back into full competition. That first weekend back, we are away for both Youth and Senior groups – Youth at Weston on
Saturday 11th and Senior with the big Grand Final rematch against Edgeworth on the Sunday.

Before that starts though, we have our SAP squads kicking off their games on the weekend of 4th July, and a NPL Preseason trial on Saturday for Youth and Sunday for Seniors all games a visiting Adamstown club.

“What’s the Latest in regard to 2020
Season Start”
In the last few days the club has been absolutely inundated with documentation from government and NNSWF, related to “Return to Game” details and protocols. The club has a special committee (Game Day Committee) which has been set up to understand and implement all of the protocols that we will be required to, and must, implement on game days at Cooks Square Park, for both Youth and
Seniors, and SAP as well. That committee will have its follow up meeting on Monday night, and information will then flow to coaches and players.

Initial indications of the documents are that conditions on ground entry will not be as confined as first considered, although there will need to be strict adherence to ‘social distancing’ – as you would expect. There will be registrations at the ground entry, and limitations on how long you can stay at the ground. These conditions will be fully communicated with plenty of advisory posters and markings.

The SAP draw has been released and Kelly, Jason and Dan are working through it this weekend to capitalise on every opportunity to get “home game‘ allocations – prior to kick off on the 4th.
This season we will not see a repeat of the ill managed ‘Club Grading’ process for SAP, that strongly affected Maitland FC. The clubs will not be split into divisions halfway through the competition.
Added to those dates is also the competition start for our under 12s squad and over 35s team on the 4th
July (or the 3rd if a Friday night game).

UK/Europe Tour 2021

A couple of MAGPIE MAILs ago I asked for ‘Expressions of Interest’ from families of 2021 U14s, U15s and U16s squads, to participate in a video conference meeting to discuss the concept of a 2021 tour. We have received several responses, but I wanted to put the message out again so that everyone is given the opportunity to learn about the tour. Certainly, no commitment just an opportunity to listen and provide input on the details. You may note that I have titled this subject as UK/Europe tour, as I have heard that rather than a visit to France, perhaps a visit to Barcelona FC may be on the cards.

I have asked a couple of the mothers that were on the 2019 tour to provide their thoughts and memories on their tour to help you visualise what might be.

The following is from Cindy Edwards of the U15s.

As a family we were lucky enough to be part of the Maitland FC UK Tour 2019.
It was the trip of a lifetime for all three of us. The football part of the tour was fantastic. The sightseeing and tours were also amazing. Some of the highlights for us were our first EPL game, Manchester City at home to a packed stadium. The atmosphere was unbelievable, the fans , the noise ,the singing something we will never forget. The boys had many training sessions but training at Liverpool and Chelsea was something special for Joel.
A trip to Wales for the boys to play against the Druids. The only game they won.
We spent a day at Disneyland Paris and viewed Paris city lights from the top of the Eiffel tower at night. One highlight that I think was special for everyone was our impromptu visit to a very dubious looking pub in the backstreets of Liverpool. At very short notice our tour guide Dereck organized for us to watch a live Liverpool game on the big screen. After some deliberation we got off the bus and went in. We were welcomed with open arms and sang, danced and celebrated the win with true Liverpool supporters. Our new friends all stood outside and waved us off.
We had a great trip ,15 very full days but loved it all. Bruce Cindy and Joel Graham.

Recommencement of HiPe Training

With life slowly returning to somewhere approaching ‘normal’ football wise, we can start to plan for the recommencement of HiPe training.

This process does take a little bit of planning and discussion, and we have commenced that task, as we need to consider COVID -19 processes, as well as staffing and programs. We will however be aiming to see a start up around the start of the new school term in July.


Our Youth and U12s squad have fitted in very well at training nights at Beryl Humble ground. The field condition and the quality of lighting is very greatly appreciated by all down at the ground, albeit the wintery weather has set in.
A special mention and thanks again to all our committed coaching staff and football management for the enthusiasm and dedication that they have shown in getting our training operations back into operation, and heading us in the right competitive direction.

Everybody stay healthy and keep your commitment to training and preparation for a very different 2020 season.

Maitland FC