Another week has passed in our lead up to a return to NPL competition – at least for Youth and SAP, as Senior competition is still subject to Government approval.
“What’s the Latest in regard to 2020
Season Start”
It has been (approx.) 81 sleeps, since the competition was stopped due to the virus, and now, all going well, we are just 28 sleeps from resumption.
We are back at training, during this last week, and as each week passes, the pace, impact and familiarity of the new conditions will become easier.
Once again I have to send out special thanks to Paul Osland and Mick Mirisch for all the work that they have done with liaison with Maitland Council and our coaching staff, to put together the jigsaw puzzle, that’s involved with matching up available grounds with coach availabilities and timing restraints. Many clubs have not been able to get onto the training fields yet, as they wait to achieve all their accreditations. The need for larger training space, has impacted all sports and clubs and has resulted in even greater demands for the limited facilities.
You would also be aware that many ‘community based’ clubs have made the tough decision to not compete in the 2020
Interdistrict competitions, due to the strict procedures and restrictions that need to apply.
We have yet to be advised of the competition draw for the restart.
We have made every effort to provide all information and resources to each family, so that they are fully aware of the conditions around “Return to Training”. I ask that you please be compliant with them and be understanding of those volunteers in the club who will be assigned the task of ensuring that we are all following.
Words of Wisdom – to help our development as footballers and people.
Players and parents need to be reminded that failure is part of learning. If you think you can play the game without making mistakes, then you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Fear of failure is a sure step towards stopping growth. As a Magpie, never be afraid to give something a go. The key is to pick yourself up, learn from it, and move on.
Many thanks to the 2 parents that have come forward to offer their assistance in the club’s Sponsor Support program for this year. As indicated earlier, we have a responsibility to the sponsors that have been associated with the club, for sometimes, many years. In tough economic times we need to show them that we appreciate their support, and we want to help them get back on their feet. Always looking for more assistance from interested parents.
Gear and Apparel Distribution
With the easing of transport and distribution restrictions we have finally been able to receive the balance of our playing and training strips. The Gear Stewards are working this weekend to sort that gear out accordingly to enable distribution to players in this coming week.
UK Tour Expressions of Interest.
Next week we shall start to assess interest from families regarding involvement in end of season 2021 UK Tour.
Game Day Restrictions
We await advice from NNSWF regarding procedures and restrictions that will be applied on competition game days. It is likely that they will be quite strong, as expected, but hopefully modified as the competition proceeds.
The best safeguard in ensuring that competitions will be able to start and be maintained to the end, is for everybody to take a responsible attitude and thereby avoid the much talked about “second wave’.
In the expectation of stiff restrictions, we are making some bold negotiations with a media company to give the opportunity for all family members to see your team play. We are waiting on formal permissions before we can progress with this proposal.

Look forward to next weeks increased training opportunities. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Maitland FC