Well we are just about out of sleeps now, before we are back on the field and get this NPL competition underway.
I must take the opportunity of the last communication before restart, to ask you all to be appreciative of the work that has been done to get us to this point. It would be easy to think that the last 4 months have been spent with our feet up, but that is far from the case.
Club management have battled and almost waged war, at every level, in discussions to get agreement on ways to get this competition up and running, as close as we can to get back to normal.
I have previously mentioned the club’s appreciation of our senior players and our coaching staff who all have been so cooperative and supportive in renegotiations of their finances. If they had not been, we would not be at the starting line now.
Our loyal sponsors who have stuck with us over the last 4 months, despite difficult times themselves, need to receive our ongoing support and appreciation.
The players of all ages have been magnificent in their enthusiasm, to get back to their earlier levels of fitness and touch – driven on by a dedicated coaching and management group.
All these factors and more, are just some wonderful components of what is coming together to elevate this club to a playing standard and community involvement that will be the envy of all other clubs in

Maitland Mercury
During season 2019, our senior team success was brilliantly highlighted and featured by constant articles and photos in the Mercury. They too have gone through tough times since the beginning of the year, but they are back again and fighting to maintain an important role in the Maitland community.
All going well, in this Friday’s print edition, should see a special feature on the Maitland Magpies and the restart of the 2020 season. I urge you to go out and buy a copy and support a local icon.
Adamstown Preseason Trial
Before focussing on this week’s games, a
quick word about last weekend against Adamstown. Youth on Saturday and Seniors on Sunday.
The Youth – 2 wins and 2 losses, but all 4 games were just magnificent to watch. Plenty of goals and results swinging one way and then the other. The 2 we lost, we should have, or could have won. As we progress through this season, we need to convince ourselves of our ability – we need to BELIEVE in ourselves for the full 90 minutes. Keep playing to the end. Last year our 1st grade squad were famous for it – so many games won in the last minute or two. As we found with them it made the difference between a good season and a great season.
The Seniors – 1 win and 2 losses. Unfortunately, the 2 losses were not anticipated, however a great and convincing win in First grade was the highlight. Plenty of depth, plenty of ability and plenty of belief.
Special mention to all who cooperated in adapting to the special COVID-19 restrictions that were in place at Cooks over the weekend. We will assess other grounds this weekend and advise you before the following weekend if any adjustments are necessary.
You will all have been advised of the arrangements that will be in place at the grounds where we visit this weekend.
This weekend
Saturday – Youth Away at Weston – a traditional derby day.
Sunday – Seniors Away at Edgeworth for the 1st grade Grand Final replay
Under 12s ID, get first chance to shine up at Cooks Square on Saturday morning.

“Player of the Round’
Team Management, certainly at Youth and SAP level have expressed a wish to appoint a “Player of the Round’ each week. They have asked if we can use the Magpie Mail to announce the winners each week. So keep a look out for that starting next week.
Team Song
The club’s Victory Song has existed in a form for some time. Its origins go back to a time when there were no Youth or SAP teams in the club – just Seniors.
Therefore, the lyrics of the song, were not quite suitable for our younger age groups to be exposed to. Some of the ‘old boys’ spent a bit of time to make some adjustments to the lyrics, to allow it to be song by all ages within the club. Those amended lyrics are now officially listed as –
Theeeere’s a football team in Maitland town
Rumour says we’re the best around
Team next door says they’re out of luck But for teams like that, we don’t give a stuff. You can have your teams from east to west, Put ‘em all together the Maggies are the best. Cause we‘ve showed some skill and we’ve showed some class,
And we just kicked (opposition’s) arse.
So, listen now to what we say
You’d better keep, out of our way Cause when we come to town and pull on our boots,
We’re gonna win all the games and score all
the loot. (and repeat………)

Let’s hope we hear this version sung loudly and often over the weekend.
Maitland Magpies App
In past years, since the App was introduced, we have offered free entry to Seniors games at Cooks Square Park on showing the App at the gate.
With the financial impact of COVID-19, and in consideration of the reduction in fees paid to our coaches and senior players, we have determined that a reduced entry fee for adults from $10 to $5 would be applied to 2020 entry on showing the App.
This is still a 50% reduction which we feel will be well received by our members.
For concessions and students, we will continue to offer free entry on presenting the App at the gate.
There is no change for children up to age 16 who continue to enjoy free entry without requiring the App, although we urge them all to become Maitland Magpie App Members too!
In the App Store, search for: maitland magpie members to download the App.
We are still keen to increase our Magpie membership via the App, so we urge you, your family members and friends who come to support the Magpies to join the App. The more App memberships we have, the more weight we add to our government grant applications.

Umbro Apparel
We have included a Maitland FC 2020 Gear Order Form with this Magpie Mail. This will be the last opportunity to order in replacement or additional Umbro playing gear and an opportunity to order some Maitland FC merchandise.
The Umbro apparel comes out of China so we would like your orders to be received by email and paid by EFT before 24 July 2020 to be included in the last Umbro order for 2020.
We are happy to take orders for merchandise anytime but we advise that beanies are not due till mid August, sorry!

Maitland FC