Dear All,

This edition of Magpie Mail needs to be solely related to the COVID-19 concerns of this weekend. The concerns are that important.

Youth play at Cooks Square Saturday against Mid North Coast

Seniors play at Darling St Oval on Saturday against Olympic Youth.

I congratulate the foresight shown by Dan Barge and Youth coaching staff at this start of this week. They identified that we were due for a very wet weekend and made early arrangements to get the games moved from Sunday to Saturday, in the hope of missing the greater part of the rain.

We are now confronted with the increase in concern for the COVID-19 virus. Please understand we are making every opportunity to give the players the chance to get on the park and playing the games that they have been working so hard on. Out of that focus, needs to come some sacrifices. You will have access via separate publication to the restrictions that we must bring in place for Saturday in an effort to play our role in trying to keep our community as safe as possible.

There will be strong restrictions put in place tomorrow at Cooks Square. Please be understanding of those restrictions and cooperate and comply. If you do not comply, and an incident occurs, you could cause us to move one step closer to the whole competition being stopped. There is already news that a senior NPL game has been postponed for tomorrow due to COVID-19 concerns.
We are waiting on a response from BARTV, as they wait for their approval, from our request for them to be at the games tomorrow to provide a Live Stream. If that approval comes through, we shall advise you as soon as possible. It is an indication to parents that we would prefer you NOT to be at the game tomorrow. If you do attend, you will be required to comply with the restrictions being published.


Those going to Darling St, will do so based on their own decisions. I do expect though that you comply to all of the conditions that the home club wish you to apply.

Recent results – our results for both Senior and Youth teams have been very good and well documented over the last week. The obvious exception to that overview has been Wednesday night’s 1st Grade game at Weston. It is very encouraging and exciting to see that, every team is within reach of a semi-final position.

A true indication of how much work and energy has been applied to the club’s preparation and application in very difficult circumstances this year.

Several club major developments are in the planning process. These develops will result in some great strides forward for the club in regard to regional awareness and player development and will be confirmed and published over the next couple of weeks.

Stay safe and stay positive

Maitland FC