Over the past week, there has been a rise in case numbers of COVID-19 throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

As such, late yesterday the NSW Government requested the sporting community take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of infection through minimising the number of spectators attending community sport.

So, in addition to maintaining good hygiene, on behalf of our Clubs and Football Community, we ask all participants, particularly spectators, to take onboard the following measures:

  • Where possible, have just one parent/carer accompany each Youth participant to training or matches wherever practical and only essential participants should attend Senior Matches;
  • All spectators maintain 1.5m social distancing from one another at all times;
  • DO NOT ATTEND ANY FOOTBALL ACTIVITY if you have visited Victoria or any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website
    ( within the last 14 days. You may return to football following 14 days since your visit, as long as you have not and do not show any symptoms.
  • DO NOT ATTEND ANY FOOTBALL ACTIVITY if you display any of the following symptoms:

By listening to the advice of authorities and cooperating with our hard-working volunteers, we can ensure football continues in a safe environment for Season 2020.