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Player List

1Matthew TROTTMaitland FCGoalkeeper
2Tom DAVIESMaitland FC
3Liam THORNTONMaitland FC
4Zac THOMASMaitland FC
5Joey O’CONNORMaitland FC
6Nick COWBURNMaitland FC
7Mathew COMERFORDMaitland FC
8James THOMPSONMaitland FC
9Sean PRATTMaitland FC
10Braedyn CROWLEYMaitland FC
11Joel WOODMaitland FC
12Matt SWANMaitland FC
13Carl THORNTONMaitland FC
14Blake RUTHERFORDMaitland FC
15Thomas DUGGANMaitland FC
16Andrew SWANMaitland FC
17Adam BLUNDENMaitland FC
19Alex BOZANOVSKIMaitland FCGoalkeeper