Dear Players, Parents and Supporters,

This coming weekend represents our first competitive home game since the lockdown has been lifted. Maitland Football is hosting Youth games on Saturday against Edgeworth and on Sunday when the Seniors play Lake Macquarie.

The SAP squads will be spread in various locations on Saturday and Sunday. In that scenario, SAP players will be subject to the conditions laid down and regulated by the relevant home club.

We are all aware of the serious possibility of NSW and this region in particular being hit by a second wave of the virus and the consequences of that and with that in mind, we must address the situation with great concern and attention.

As an indication of the increased levels of concern by the NSW Government and NNSWF, new regulations have been released today (Friday), that come into force IMMEDIATELY. I cannot stress strongly enough the need for Maitland players and supporters to comply with these new restrictions.

In line with those new restrictions, Maitland Football Club has been required to submit our updated COVID-19 Safety Plan today, and we will ensure that all visitors to Cooks Square Park will comply.

For your information following is a list of dot points, to give you an overview of the guidelines that players and parents need to be aware of –
DO NOT ATTEND Cooks Square Park, if you have visited Victoria or the nominated regions of Sydney in the last 14 days.


  • Game kick off times were extended to create more time between games. Your coach will advise you the required time for you to arrive at the ground.
  • Cars will be allowed into Cooks Square, but parking only on the sealed carpark area. You may be temperature tested at the gate, and your details may be recorded. Sunday arrivals will require registration via QR reader.
  • You will be required to arrive at the ground in your game kit. On leaving the car, you should take your kit bag, and proceed to the training field / warm up area, where you will come under the supervision of your coach.
  • You must bring your own marked drink bottle and other gear – there can be no sharing of resources and gear. This includes your own supply of hand sanitiser.
  • There will be no team gathering in the change rooms. They will be open, but only for pregame strapping, and injury care and maintenance.
  • There will be no team walk-outs from the players race. You will enter the field from the training ground and leave your kit bag adjacent to your dugout.
  • All balls and warm up equipment will be sanitised between games.
  • At completion of game you will recover your kit bag and leave the playing area. It is preferred that you leave Cooks Square before the next game, but if you wish to stay and watch the game or are required as replacement you must comply with the Social Distancing requirements.
  • At end of day, some players will have the opportunity to utilise the changerooms if they have a long travel time to their home.


  • For Youth arrivals, unless there are special circumstances, only one parent/guardian is permitted to enter the ground.
  • You will be able to exit your car, if you choose, but must adhere to the standard “Social Distancing’ rules that are applying throughout society. There will be ‘Covid-19 Marshalls’ circulating the ground, to ensure that those standards are complied. Please respect the role that these people are playing on behalf of the club and the community and conform to their requests.
  • For the Senior games, a limited number of non-participants will be allowed. This will be restricted to partners and close family members.
  • The Cooks Square Park canteen will operate, but with a limited and restricted product range. Social distancing will be enforced.
  • Cooks Square Park toilets will be open, and subject to constant monitoring.
  • All attendees are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe App.

These restrictions and guidelines will also apply to all visitors from Edgeworth and Lake Macquarie, and they will be advised as such.

Please be respectful of the need to follow all these restrictions and guidelines. Many people have already and will be contributing their time and energy in getting players back onto the field to continue the season. If you feel that you cannot comply with any aspect of a COVID-19 Safety Plan, or any other directive that you are given, whilst at the Park, please make the decision to stay at home.