Maitland Football Club welcomes you as a Maitland Magpie Member!

In return for supporting our club, Maitland Magpie Members receive many benefits, such as:

  • FREE entry to PRD Naitionawide Park (CSP) for all NPL competition games.
  • SAVINGS from Maitland FC Sponsors who will be extending ‘Special Offers” throughout the season.
  • SAVINGS from Maitland businesses who choose to promote their goods and services on the Maitland Magpie Members App.

Maitland Magpie Membership also provides many benefits back to Maitland FC, including:

  • INCREASED Membership will assist in attracting Sponsors and qualiying for Government grants.
  • INCREASED Membership will attract more spectators to PRD Nationwide Park (CSP) for all our home games, adding to the atmosphere and bolstering canteen sales.
  • The generous Sponsors of Maitland FC will see a POSITIVE RETURN on their investment if Maitland Magpie Members show support by taking advantage of our Sponsors SPECIAL OFFERS.


Please refer to our website for the Terms and Conditions of Maitland Magpie Membership.